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Good Night! Sleep Tight???

November 22nd, 2017 → 11:51 am @ // No Comments - Join the conversation!

I came upon this little infographic the other day. It made me smile (and it made me think) and I wanted to share it with you. I like my sleep. Probably better to say, I need my sleep. I have always been an early riser, but I crash hard relatively early at night. My kids know this to be truth: “If we want to ask Mom anything important, make the ask before 8:00PM …”

I write about marriage, divorce and remarriage. I’ve written for years about how to ensure you are compatible when it comes to your values, your mindset, your religion, your views on money, your views on how to parent your children, your views on how to stay connected and be intentional … yet I’ve never written about how to ensure you are compatible when it comes to sharing a bed. When you think about it, we spend between one-quarter to one-third  of our day (I’m assuming that most people get between 6-8 hours of sleep per night; some of you are looking at that number and wishing it were true!).

That’s a lot of time spent in bed, and if those hours aren’t spent getting fully rested and restoring our bodies, it can have a negative impact on us.  Personally speaking, it might be fair to say that I’m a bit crankier and short-tempered after a night of bad sleep. Ask my husband. Check with my kids.

Back to the infographic I saw. Isn’t this cute?  The sleep brand Casper created this guide. It breaks down 6 different sleeping personalities. This can have major implications for a marriage. For example, if you pair a snorer with a night owl, the results can be disastrous. And, can you imagine mixing a hot sleeper with a snuggler? That just sounds like sleeping in a sauna.

Casper_sharingbedv05@2xHere’s what I face every night! I’m lucky. We are relatively compatible when it comes to sleeping. On the rare nights that my husband snores, I simply nudge him gently (OK – sometimes not so gently) with my elbow, tell him to turn off his back, and that usually does the trick. Neither one of us tends to be a Bed Hog, but I’m sure that’s because we sleep on a king size mattress. He is definitely a Hot Sleeper, and I am definitely the opposite (I’m always cold), but we’ve resolved that by my putting 3 extra blanket just over me and my side of the bed! Neither one of us tends to be a Restless Sleeper – when we fall asleep, we fall hard. We can both fall asleep even with lights or noise in the room. Again, when we fall asleep, we fall hard.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.27.20 AMThat leaves us with the Snuggler. And that, my dear readers, is where my husband and I BOTH struggle with getting good sleep. You see, we have two dogs that think our bed, our pillows and our blankets really belong to them. They just let us use them. I know it’s our own fault, and we’ve created this situation, but most nights we find ourselves relegated to some small corner of the bed while the dogs stretch out in all their glory, or we wake to the sounds of our dogs cleaning themselves, and even frequently to the sounds of them talking in their sleep or twitching in their dreams (they most definitely dream about chasing the tennis ball!).  I do recall us once saying that we would never let the dogs sleep on the bed. But …

Good night! Sleep tight! Sweet dreams!

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