Monique Honaman 2013 HRLT2

Meet Monique!

Divorce is a reality. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t call me asking for advice about some phase of the divorce journey. Some women are still in shock over discovering infidelity. Others are angry that their “happily ever after” isn’t happening. Some women are paralyzed by the insurmountable road ahead of them as they navigate the legal process. Others ask if I can teach them how to forgive.

I have been through this process and learned a tremendous amount. As strange as it may sound, I instinctively knew that I wouldn’t go through my divorce, and all the pain and chaos that it brought, without turning it around and helping others survive divorce in the future. Little did I know that it would manifest itself in a book. I wasn’t a writer, and I had certainly never written a book before. My mantra became “always take the high road,” and my mission is to influence families to take the high road in navigating the divorce process. In 2010, I published my first book, “The High Road Has Less Traffic: honest advice on the path through love and divorce.”

I discovered a few things about me in the process. I learned I love to write. I learned I love to help people navigate the high road. I learned the high road certainly applies to divorce, but also to all other aspects of life: love, marriage, divorce, parenting, dating … and everything in between.

I began to write for some regional and national outlets focused on helping families survive divorce. I began to speak with groups about divorce, remarriage, dating, and co-parenting, all while taking the high road. I became a regular contributor for The Huffington Post,  eHarmony,, and

In 2013, I published my second book, “The High Road Has Less Traffic … and a better view.” While my first book was part auto-biography/part self-help, my second book provided a series of perspectives on navigating the high road in all facets of life and relationships. In the spirit of giving back and paying it forward, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of both books will be donated to organizations that support families impacted by divorce.

In 2017, I co-authored a fully-illustrated children’s book, BONUS Dad! BONUS Mom! A child’s guide to understanding the role of a step-parent.” Too many stories talk about wicked step-mothers or evil-step-fathers! We don’t believe this is the narrative that kids needs to hear. As a blended family, our goal was to reinforce the positive things that come from having a Bonus Dad or Bonus Mom. The book focuses on the common activities of a “Bonus” parent (e.g., driving, playing, reading), and also attaches a big idea “value” (e.g., kindness, tenacity, honesty) onto each page which is embedded into each illustration that highlights what the Bonus Parent is role-modeling.

Here’s a little about me … I live in suburban Atlanta with my husband, Justin (yes, I’ve remarried!), my two teens, and our two rescue dogs. Free time is devoted to family activities like cheering for my kids at their sporting events, boating, traveling, taking photographs, reading, and volunteering in the community.  I am also the Founder and President of ISHR Group which provides global solutions in the area of leadership assessment, development and coaching. I hold a Bachelors Degree from the University of Michigan, a Masters Degree from Michigan State University, and a Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School.

I am, of course, available for interviews, speaking engagements, appearances, signings, and dance-offs. Maybe not that last one.