HRLT Book Image

I have included a copy of The Prologue from this book as an introduction (it’s available as a downloadable PDF or MP3).

To help you navigate the rest of the book and see if it looks right for you (or for the friend for whom you are buying it), take a look through the Table of Contents:

The High Road Has Less Traffic: honest advice on the path through love and divorce

Looking Back on it all: The Prologue.

1. Hearing the News: The Pronouncement.

2. Discovering the Midlife Crisis: Just Buy a Red Convertible and Be Done With It!

3. Giving Your Best to Your Spouse: Show Love and Respect Every Single Day!

4. Taking the High Road: It is ALL About the Best Interests of Your Children.

5 . Getting the Word Out: Why is Telling Mom So Tough?

6 . Telling the Kids: The Most Difficult Thing You Will Ever Have to Do.

7 . Putting Your Plan Together: Things to Think About.

8 . Figuring it Out: “Social Networking” Has a Whole New Meaning.

9 . Interpreting the Signs: Should I be Worried?

10. Leaning on Your Support Network: Friends and Many Others!

11. Managing Your Vices: Skinny and Sad, or Fat and Happy?

12. Using the “F Word: The Power of Forgiveness.

13. Partnering with an Attorney: You Can’t Do This on Your Own.

14. Celebrating 40: Will I Ever Have Sex Again?

15. Being There for Your Friends: It’s a Two-Way Street.

16. Taking Pride in New Accomplishments: I Conquered the Grill!

17. Spending Time Alone: Learn to Relish and Recharge.

18. Saying Thank You: You’re at 100%.

19. Becoming Friends: We’ll be Like Bruce and Demi.

20. Moving Forward: Imagine the Possibilities.

21. Enjoying God’s Sense of Humor: A Date, Seriously?

22. Introducing “Friends” to your Kids: Laying the  Proper Foundation.

23. Looking Back on it All: The Epilogue.

24. My Final Bottom Line.