9939HighRoadLessTraffic_FntCvr_eBook_062113Just as I have enjoyed visiting book clubs and speaking at events about my first book, I would also love to keep that up with the launch of this second book!  We have such a great dialogue when everyone chimes in with their perspective!  I can join your book club in person, OR, feel free to hook up a webcam and I’ll appear in your family room to join you virtually.

To get you started, here are some questions for your book club or discussion group. You can use this web page or download the PDF file of the questions to share with your group.

The High Road Has Less Traffic … and a better view

Defining the High Road (Chapters 1-4)

  • What does taking the High Road mean to you? What can you do when others are veering off-road?
  •    How important is forgiveness to taking, and remaining on, the High Road?

Divorce-Proof Marriage (Chapters 5-11)

  • Is any marriage divorce-proof? How do you ensure that your marriage remains strong? Are your actions and priorities in alignment?
  • Are showing appreciation and nagging opposite sides of the same coin?

Affairs, Cheating, and Scandals (Chapters 12-16)

  • Why do so many people wish their spouse would cheat? Does it provide a “reason” to get out of a loveless marriage? Better options?
  • So many people feel trapped in their marriages. Is it fair, or even reasonable, to assume that the “honeymoon” phase will last forever?

The Foundation of Communication (Chapters 17-19)

  • Do you believe that great communication is the cornerstone to a solid relationship? Why?
  • Are there different ways to build communication? In the book, I talk about financial and physical intimacy as a form of communication. Do these help build stronger bonds too?

The Importance of Physical Touch (Chapters 20-23)

  • Physical touch as a priority often gets lost in a marriage (the kids are around, I’m too tired, not now!). How important is it to maintain physical touch in a marriage? Does physical touch mean simply sex; if not, how important are things like holding hands, hugging, and kissing?
  • Does how we feel about ourselves physically as we get older help or hinder the way we feel about physical touch?

Above All Else, We Are Parents (Chapters 24-29)

  • Who knew parenting was going to be such a tough job! Are you role-modeling the “what” you want your children to be? Are you living the life you would like them to want to emulate as they mature?
  • What are you doing in your life that you want your children to absorb? What are you doing that you hope that forget? Do your kids have access to both parents? Are you modeling what real partnerships look like?

Understanding the Other Woman (Chapters 30-33)

  • This is frequently where the low road behavior kicks in … on all sides. Have you had experience in having to be respectful to someone who hurt you? Any tips to share?
  • Why is it important to try to understand other peoples’ perspectives? Is “perception really reality?”

Moving Forward! (Chapters 34-36)

  • Are there any additional “Ex-” words you would add to my list? As we move forward, what stops us from being extremely excited and exhilarated by the life that lies ahead of us?
  • Many people don’t know how to deal with difficult times when it comes to their friends, so they tend to disappear until the crisis goes away. What do you do for your friends who are going through difficult times?

Dating … Again! (Chapters 37-44)

  • There are pros and cons to dating someone who has never married, versus someone who is divorced, versus someone who is widowed.  Does it really matter? What are the stereotypes assigned to each? Would you have a preference?
  • It seems everyone has a dating nightmare story! What’s yours? What did you learn from it? More importantly, would anyone ever share a “dating nightmare” story about you?

Reflecting on Your Journey (Chapters 45-51)

  • At the end of the day, it’s all about moving forward with positive momentum. What do you do in your life to ensure you are always looking forward and not getting stuck looking backwards? How do you cultivate your own art of gratitude?
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone is an amazing thing. What have you done lately that scared you … and then you nailed it? How did you feel afterwards? Did it build your confidence? Open new doors? Allow you to pursue a lifelong dream? Discover a new passion?