9939HighRoadLessTraffic_FntCvr_eBook_062113I have included a copy of The Prologue  as an introduction to this book (it’s available as a downloadable PDF).

To help you navigate the rest of the book and see if it looks right for you (or for the friend for whom you are buying it), take a look through the Table of Contents:

The High Road Has Less Traffic … and a better view

The Prologue

1. What is Taking the High Road?

2. Staying on the High Road in Response to Low Road Behavior

3. The Best F-Word

4. More Focus on Forgiveness (because, yes, it is just that important!)

5. Is Any Marriage Divorce Proof?

6. Investing in Your Relationship Each and Every Day

7. Remember your AEPs

8. If Not Shown Appreciation, It Gets to You

9. Nag, Nag, Nag!

10. Bravery: A Willingness to Show Emotional Need

11. Embracing Change as an Opportunity for Renewal

12. Can We Assume It’s Temporary Insanity?

13. Cheaters Never Prosper … but Apparently Certain Restaurants Do!

14. Same Story / Different Day: “Dear Abby … I feel trapped.”

15. I Just Wish He Would Have An Affair

16. Disposable Lives

17. What Are We Going to Talk About for Two Weeks?

18. If You Didn’t Communicate Well Before

19. Financial Intimacy to Enhance Communication

20. Good Touch / Bad Touch. No Touch?

21. Speaking of TOUCH

22. Great Sex = Great Marriage?

23. Love … Marriage … Divorce … And Your Waist

24. Being the “What” We Want Our Children to Be

25. Attitude Adjustment

26. Billboard Persuasion

27. Kids Need Dads

28. Don’t Mess with Mama Bear

29. What Exactly Does “Too Nice” Mean?

30. The Psycho Ex-Wife Veering Off the High Road

31. The Other Woman in Seat 22B

32. Sharing a Cup of Coffee on the High Road

33. When the Other Woman Doesn’t Realize She is the Other Woman

34. The Ex-Word!

35. Why is “I’m Sorry” so Hard to Say?

36. Being There for Friends Going Through Divorce

37. What is Your Dating Risk?

38. Dating to Fall in Mutual Weirdness

39. A Great Excuse to Have a Party

40. Same Pond = Same Fish

41. Finding Yourself in the Friend Zone

42. Do You Prefer Divorced or Never Married?

43. What About Option 3: Widowed?

44. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

45. Moving Forward, Finding Forgiveness, and Focusing on the Future

46. Keeping Your Head in the Game

47. Accountability: Turning the Mirror Around and Looking at Yourself

48. Girl Power

49. Happy AND Joyful

50. Cultivating the Art of Gratitude

51. Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone