“Monique has an amazing ability to connect with others through her very personal and relatable writing style. Her insights are so valuable  — she really is like a trusted friend. She has been a real asset to our eHarmony Advice community.”  ~ Jeannie Assimos, Director of Content, eHarmony

“Monique has a style that is fresh and welcoming, honest and compelling.  She draws from her own life, her own experiences, and it is her authenticity that makes her work so inspiring.” ~ Janece Shaffer, Senior Editor, Womenetics

“I have a friend that has recently read your book. She read it in just a few days. She couldn’t get enough of it. I just read it too, and WOW! So many times when I was reading, I swore you took words right out of my mouth.  Thank you for writing this book and for sharing your story.” – BL

“I normally don’t watch the Today show (I’m a GMA gal) and I just had it on in the background last week and when I was walking by the TV your segment had just started so I sat down a few minutes to listen.  I was really drawn to your story so I went and ordered your book that same day!  I read almost the entire book on Saturday.  Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. It has helped me immensely!” – KM


“I just finished your book, literally in one sitting, and it’s terrific!! I just wanted to let you know. Have a great holiday weekend!” – VE


“First of all, I have never written an author from the many, many books I have read, but your book was amazingly the description of my story that I felt as if I needed to write to you. What a refreshing and well-written book. My ex and I get along really well. This has not always been the case, but I decided to find forgiveness and it gave me such peace. Forgiveness is a gift to myself.  The kids are very important to both of us and we want them to be in a safe and peaceful environment.” – Kalia W.

“Like I say, I have been through hell and back. You always have a choice as to how you react to life. I LOVE one of the quotes in your book: A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn. WOW! My new motto!” – Ingrid

“I saw the write up on your book in Enterprising Women magazine a year ago.  The title jumped out at me, as I was facing infidelity and divorce with that same attitude.  I ripped the page out of the magazine with the intention of buying the book, and it has been sitting on my desk for the last year.  Then, by happenstance, I saw the book at the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) conference last week and purchased it.  I read it that same night.  All I can say is, WOW!  We have lived parallel lives!  It was like you were writing my story; the words spoken by your ex and your friends were the same words that I heard 2 years ago.  Like you, I took the high road, and was questioned as to how I could do it and why.  And my mantra, like yours, was “it is in the best interest of the kids”.  Like you, I have met a wonderful new man and my kids like him too and we are all thriving again.  Thank you for validating my decisions, and letting me know that I am not alone.”  – Anonymous

“I read the reviews before buying the book but I was still blown away by how good the book was. I couldn’t put it down. I finished it the same day the book arrived. I highly recommend this book for all those involved in couples therapy including faith based leaders, singles and married people. I wish she had played up how helpful her faith was in helping her forgive her ex but her advice was sound, real and thoughtful.” –  Joanie, Amazon.com reviewer

“Loved it! I first read about this book in an article in Shape magazine and decided to buy it for my Kindle. I finished it in less than a day and cried almost the entire time. It felt like Monique is telling my story. There were so many similarities to my own life. It helped me a lot and gave me hope for a happy ending like in her book.” – Amazon.com Reviewer

“I was told that I should read this book by my counselor and I said “Not another book….”. I purchased it on my Kindle and began reading it that night. I had to stop to attend a “divorce meeting” but I couldn’t wait to get home to read more. I could not stop reading it. I have now purchased it in Paperback format because I do like to flip back and forth between chapters. I am entering my second divorce and I wish I had this advice during my first divorce. We were young when we married and after 10 years could not keep it together. We have not spoken since we finalized the divorce in 1989. We have 3 beautiful children together and currently 4 grandchildren. He has missed out on some of the most wonderful times for all of them. This second divorce has not been as bad due to the excellent advice in this book. Although we have not become friends as of yet, we can talk and are on good terms. We have one son together and high school graduation is next week. My husbands girlfriend will not be at graduation because I have not completely come to terms as of yet. I do however refuse to dwell on the bad and look forward to the good things to come. Hating and bashing someone only destroys me. This book has pointed me in the right direction. After a week of reading it and crying over the decisions that I will have to make, I think this book has helped me to move on and to become a better person. Thank you, Monique for your insight that I needed to hear from someone else.” – Patricia

“Monique, I have already read your book cover to cover, and you have helped to greatly restore some of my sanity. What a gift. In so many ways. I will read it again and again I am sure. You have provided what I have been searching for – the straight talk from someone who has walked almost the same path on which I find myself – quite literally. Thank you so much. Best wishes to you. And, much gratitude.”   –  Jennifer

“As a family law attorney with almost 25 years of experience, I was most interested to read this book, especially the chapter concerning the divorce process and choosing an attorney. From the very first page, Monique Honaman seemed to hit the nail on the head with her insightful responses to many of the concerns and comments I frequently hear from clients; I was also sincerely impressed at her ability to hone in on the finer legal details, teaching readers how to protect themselves in the event of a divorce – I could hear myself making some of these exact same points and giving some of this same advice to my clients. Monique Honaman teaches readers how to be in control of the situation, how to prepare for an impending divorce, how not to get lost in the divorce process, and how to make smart, informed decisions. At a point in life when you may be at a crossroads and fear the unknown, this book will provide you with some excellent advice and help you muster the strength and courage to move forward and take charge of your own life. I recommend that you take advantage of the benefit of Monique Honaman’s experiences!” – Anita L.

“Monique writes as if she is sitting in the family room of her home sharing conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee.  As she unfolds the story of her journey from marriage to divorce to re-marriage, the reader is able to experience with her the pains, fears, doubts, tears, and frustrations, and then her emergence into forgiveness that opens the way for her to walk the high road into a new life. This is a phenomenal read that will help bring healing for those wounded from divorce. I could not put it down.” – Dr. D. B. Shelnutt, Jr.

“Monique NAILED IT! I highly recommend this book to any woman going through a divorce (and to her friends!). Monique gives a very honest, real and practical view on divorce and the ‘bottom line.’  There are many roads we can choose to take but in reality the ONLY choice we must make for ourselves and our children (and yes! even our ex-) is the ‘high road.’  As Monique points out, moving forward with integrity is paramount to being able to move forward.  As someone who took the “high road,” the rewards and peace of mind and heart are endless.” – SLB

“This is a must-read book for any woman facing divorce. Monique was brutally honest and painfully open about her situation while bringing hope, laughter, faith, and belief to what seems like a devastating life-event. Her advice to always ‘take the high road’ is truly what it’s all about.” – MLA

“From what you have heard about this book, probably you assume that The High Road Has Less Traffic will be relevant for divorced readers only. Yet that would leave out the other half of the population who could benefit from it greatly—married couples.  Here are some examples of the numerous valuable lessons Monique Honaman provides for married readers as well as for those who have split:

  • Recognizing that the 1950s model of only one spouse knowing and controlling the family finances became obsolete decades ago
  • Remaining alert to signs of a midlife crisis, and taking them seriously before behavior patterns change drastically
  • Admitting that you are not guaranteed immunity from separation and divorce, as you may have thought when you said your wedding vows

What qualifies me to say The High Road is a must-read for married couples? Only this: I have been married to the same woman for fifty-two years. Enough said.”

– Bill Lampton, Ph.D., author, The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life!

“Divorce is a painful process, regardless of the circumstances……Cheating spouse, physical and/or verbal abuse, or just falling out of love……and when children are involved, it makes the process even more complicated. I admire Monique’s strength, her faith, and her unconditional love for her children. She made the choice to take the “high road”, to do what was best for her children and herself…..and in the process learned to forgive and found peace. Having been through divorce myself, I related to many of the feelings and thoughts Monique described in her book. And like Monique, I also had to “Let Go and Let God”….there was no gettin’ around it. Monique’s book is for all women……those going through divorce, those contemplating divorce and those of us who are now in a healthy, happy marriage:) We can all learn something from reading this wonderful book. Monique wrote this book with a sense of humor, with a lot of class and respect, and most of all……with much love and appreciation for her family, friends…and GOD! This book is definitely a MUST READ! Monique….THANK YOU for sharing your story:).” – LB

“I needed this when I was thinking about a divorce. I finally got one after many years of feeling used, humiliated, unloved. I was so naive. Someone reading this book just going into divorce has so much provided to them by Monique. She even gave ideas for your list! Loved her sense of humor. Sure kept me reading!”  – COH

“The circumstances behind every divorce vary, but many people experience similar emotions and feelings. The author takes you on a thought-provoking and humorous roller coaster ride through the major twists and turns of divorce as if she was holding your hand. You may find yourself nodding your head as you read of her experience and remember that you are not the first person (or the last) to go through this life-changing experience.”  – SB

“I read Monique’s book about a week ago. Along with many other reviewers, I could not put the book down. Monique gives great advice for those going through divorce. Even though I am not going through divorce and have been married for almost 15 years, I found the book extremely helpful. I believe every married person should read Monique’s book as well. Her experience made me think about what my marriage means to me. The book gives honest, humorous advice on how to keep the flame alive and not take each other for granted. My Mother also read Monique’s book. She was divorced once in the late 1950’s. She stated to me that she wished she had a book such as Monique’s to read over fifty years ago. Monique’s pain, disappointment, frustration, and anger that she turned into hope, forgiveness, courage, and willingness to help others is an inspiration to me. I plan on sharing the book with my friends.” – Karyn U.

“Ladies, I have been there and so has Monique! She is the friend I needed when my ex-husband said, “I love you like a sister.” (12 years and two babies later. Seriously?!) Dear friends cried with me…and then they went home to their nice husbands. They loved me, but THEY DIDN’T GET IT.
I needed someone who did GET IT and Monique’s does!!!
— She understands your deepest fears for your children, your shock over the ultimate betrayal, your inability to cope with the broken dreams, and your complete confusion over what to do next.
— Monique’s experience will make you think, “Holy Cow — I am not the only one. I am not alone and I can do this.” And, she will help you do it with grace, optimism and dignity…keeping the best interests of you, your children and your family at the forefront.
— You are NOT ALONE! Monique has been there and will give you humor, guidance and support to make it to tomorrow. Thank you for this gift — I wish it had been there when I was getting divorced.” – Allison K.

“This book has heart, strength, wisdom, spunk and grace. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. Unlike many books about divorce, it deals with the actions we can take to maintain and build our individual sense of grace and trust when life is spiraling. I felt grounded and inspired by the authors thoughts on maintaining a sense of compassion towards our friends and family when their reactions to our divorce seem otherwise. As a psychotherapist, I have referred several clients to read this book, whether at the beginning of the process or already having finalized the legal piece. This book is about how we grow, thrive and give because of what we experience. Beautiful.”  – Maria Agne, MA, MSW, LICSW, Psychotherapist

“This book is a survival kit for divorcing women. Monique delivers sound advice and practical suggestions for getting through an emotional maelstrom. This is a must read book if you, or someone you know, is struggling to cope with an impending divorce.” – Attorney

“I couldn’t put the book down! Monique writes in a relatable approach that all people can apply to their relationships whether one is on the journey through divorce, a marriage “on the rocks”, or a happy marriage. This book is not only an engaging read but can serve as a manual or “workbook” that can be referred to again and again. If you heed her advice on how to achieve taking “the high road”, then you will surely feel a greater sense of self assurance as you journey through the process of divorce. I was divorced years ago and have since remarried, but the useful advice with the touch of humor had me giggling as if I were listening to a girlfriend! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to be a better person after having weathered the storm of divorce.  Most importantly, Monique’s book will remind you to lean on a higher power that will help open your heart and leave you with a more loving spirit that will help to heal yourself and model for your children. Enjoy!!” – Kathleen H.

“Monique’s book is an excellent resource for parents experiencing divorce. Through her own passionate and candid story, Monique provides common sense advice from a sound psychological perspective that will help women dealing with the pain and challenges of divorce. Humor is combined with hard facts to provide survival skills for the affected spouse and healing for the whole family. The statistics are very clear. Divorce affects many areas of a child’s functioning for years to come. Taking the “high road” is the best approach for reducing the negative impact of divorce that may affect a child’s behavioral and social-emotional functioning, academic success, and the ability to one day build healthy and long lasting relationships of their own. Let Monique guide you in your journey to helping yourself and your children.” –  Dr. Marcia H. Rogers, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist

“Having recently gone through a divorce from my husband of 16 years, I have lived the hurt, loneliness and agony of this road. “The High Road Has Less Traffic” offers a girlfriend’s guide to one of modern life’s most painful processes. Covering the pitfalls like hearing the pronouncement “I don’t love you anymore” through the peaks, “If I had a free weekend, defined as no responsibility for anyone but me, what 10 things would I do?”, the book teaches us we are not alone.  As a mother of two boys, my main concern through my divorce has been how my children will weather this storm. There are many days when the hardest thing to do is bite my tongue and stay positive about my ex-husband. Monique’s book puts in perspective that if you “Take the High Road” in all situations involving the father of your children, you will reap the benefits down the line. I highly recommend this book for all women that find themselves on this road.” – Beth R.

“Monique’s willingness to share her own story and want to use it to minister to others is so encouraging! I love her transparency, candor, and humility in the experiences she shares in this book. She is passionate and has truly seen the fruits of taking the high road in her relationship with her ex-; it has impacted her children, her marriage to Justin, and her relationships. I am confident that this book will be used as a source of encouragement to many. (I am passing this book on to a sweet friend today who is just beginning this “journey”.) I have been married for 18 years and was particularly convicted about the chapter about prioritizing and always giving my husband my best. With all the distractions in our daily lives, it is sometimes challenging letting him know that he is first and top priority. When you add modern technology (email, texting, social networking, etc.) to the equation, it can further complicate our intention to pause daily and protect our marriages first. I felt very convicted about the discussions in that chapter and had the opportunity to share those convictions with my husband. I know it made him feel encouraged that I acknowledged wanting to improve in that area. I also liked Monique’s openness about her personal faith and how she surrendered this situation to God. And He provided…even more than she could have ever dreamed! Monique’s honesty, humor, and writing style allows the reader to develop a comfortable rapport with her. She is obviously approachable in person as people continue to reach out to her. I strongly recommend this book to any woman regardless of her season of life.” – Kim S.

“This is a must read for any woman in any stage of divorce. It’s nice to know you are not alone in your process and with your feelings! Kudos to Monique for nailing it, by giving a real and honest overview of one of the most painful times in your life.” – Marla

“A must read if you are going through the transition of a divorce! Monique provides women inspiration and insight on how to handle the break up of a marriage. She is positive and encouraging and guides one with constructive applications on how to deal with difficult situations. Monique writes in such a way that you feel as if you are speaking with a girlfriend. She lets you in on her lows and how she came out on the other side by ‘taking the high road.'” – Ann

“A well written, much needed book about love and divorce! While respecting the relationship for what it was, Monique gives us enough insight into her marriage and how things unfolded for us to relate to it. So many of the topics she talked about are so often considered taboo. Very well written, very informative and a must read for anyone who is in a relationship, thinking about getting in a relationship, or just got out of a relationship. I certainly hope Oprah picks up this book! I would be great to see Monique and her book on Oprah!” – LLOC

“Definitely an Oprah book. Dr. Phil would love it. It’s frank, it defines the issues and offers direction. It’s heartfelt and nicely written.” – JP

“This practical, conversational book is as warm as a hug. I don’t have kids, yet this book spoke volumes to me as I am going through a painful divorce. It was as if Monique was sitting on the couch with me, warm cup of coffee in hand, helping to guide me through my journey and not feel so alone. I will forever be grateful for the timing of and wisdom in this book.” – Becky