New Amazon Format Kindles the Imagination for The High Road Has Less Traffic’s Path Through Love, Life and Divorce on the Kindle, iPad, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, PC or Mac

SEATTLE and ATLANTA — In two ePublishing capitols of the Internet world, Seattle, Wa, the home of and the best-selling Kindle Ebook Reader, and in Atlanta, GA, the hub of CNN, America’s first Cable News Network, a timeless idea about choosing the High Road in Love, Life and yes, even Divorce, is delivering a timely message that no author or publisher could have ever imagined before now.

“The High Road has Less Traffic” is a map to the road less travelled that leads either out of adversity to a better marriage, or, when circumstances dictate, to a less painful, “collaborative” divorce. Written by Huffington Post Divorce edition blogger, author and international leadership consultant, Monique A, Honaman, the book began its life as words on a printed page. But paper is only one of its many forms.

Along the way to a national online book tour (and streaming video chat), the book has come to life in the form of a Web site, a discussion blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and a Facebook app that lets readers test their personal style of thinking in a fun and entertaining metaphor to footwear and compare their findings to the personal traits of their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

With the new Kindle edition, readers can enjoy a free preview of the book on their computers, tablets or handheld portable smartphone devices directly from the Amazon store as well as buy the book at special savings, a low price of just $8 including free wireless delivery through Amazon Whispernet from

A deeply personal and moving narrative that tells the touching story of its author’s confrontation with the effects of divorce on her family, the book also contains several worksheets for navigating the path of divorce without total breakdown or catastrophe. Included are financial forms for budgeting costs and expenses, emotional and physical inventory forms, and checklists for professional support groups and contacts. Nearly 50% of U.S. marriages ended in separation and divorce in 2010. While taking the High Road may avoid that eventuality, the book will also prepare those who must consider divergent paths when children, parenting plans and career considerations hang in the balance. Ms. Honaman’s book was the chance for the author to take the experience and “pay it forward” instead of becoming a statistic. Honaman is donating a portion of the proceeds from book sales to assist families in distress.


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